Five Silly Monsters

 A 100 word Halloweensie story contest hosted by writer Susanna Leonard Hill! To view contest please click link below:

I love writing and have been working on several children's books. The Five Silly Monsters was written to celebrate Jacob's first Halloween! You are the silliest monster we know!



Five Silly Monsters

by Jennifer Wesselink

One monster on Halloween.
“Let’s dance,” said another.
Boom-cha goes the music.

Two monsters dancing on Halloween.
“Let’s make costumes,” said another.
Snip-snip goes the scissors.

Three monsters wearing costumes on Halloween.
“Let’s carve pumpkins,” said another.
Zwit-swish goes the carving tool.

Four monsters carving on Halloween.
“Let’s fly on a broomstick,” said another. 
Zoom goes the broomstick.

Five monsters flying on Halloween.
“Let’s trick-or-treat,” said the monsters.

C-r-e-a-k goes the door of Witch’s house. 
"Trick-or-treat,” shout the monsters.

“That’s my broomstick!” shouts the Witch.
And five scared monsters scurry into the night!