Sassy Teether

We absolutely LOVE our terry cloth teether by Sassy! 

When Jacob was younger around 2-4 months old, he would not take a pacifier, but still needed something to help soothe him. We tried everything, and started to notice he liked to suck on a tiny part of his blanket. So we got the Sassy teether a little wet with water and Jacob loved it instantaneously. 

We continued to use this teether after his TR surgery, which helped ease the stitches out since he wasn't eating solid foods yet. 

The Sassy teether is now being used for its intended purpose...a teething aid! You can place ice cubes inside for a soothing cold treat. We also  run the Sassy teether under water and place in the freezer. It makes for a GREAT frozen teether as well. 

Keep Calm and Teeth ON!

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